Friday, May 29, 2009

Silly sleepers

My littlest two find themselves in the silliest sleeping arrangements.
Sometimes it's adorable.

Sometimes it's just plain strange.

But lately it's always when they are together.

Snuggling in there own special way.

They are so peaceful when they are sleeping aren't they? I find that no matter how hard our day has been when I look at their peaceful sleepy faces it all melts away and I just want to snuggle up close and soak it all in.


Mama said...

Oh MY how sweet!!! I love the one of the 2 of them all snuggly together!

MGM said...

Sweet. My son HATES to take a nap and absolutely refuses unless he literally CRASHES. On more than one occasion he has crashed at the dinner table. Once with his face in his plate of food, and once with a cookie in his hand that never quite made it to his mouth!