Thursday, May 21, 2009

The man gives me grey hairs!

This is my hubby. Using a power tool.
Over our pond. Balancing on boards. Over water. Power tool.

Trying to fix our stupid pond, has been an ongoing headache to say the least. We had to fix a crack in the top pond, which didn't work the first time so we had to do it all over again. For some reason the rock that the water is suppose to flow over on one side is now higher and the water won't flow over it. We have tried propping the other side up higher and such but nothing was working. So my hubby decided enough was enough and broke out the power tool. He decided to shave down the rock so the water will flow over. Which would be a great idea if it didn't include perching over a body of water with a Power Tool! The man gives me grey hairs.


Mama said...

ha ah ahahahhahah
i love his face mask!!! And that look of "oh crap she caught me!!!"
What a head ache! We had a leak in our pond also...
I hope he can fix it and you can color your hair!!!

Kim @ said...

Oh wow! I am loving your pond. You'll have to point me to directions on how to get that in my yard. Was it already there or did you guys build it?

And I love the power tools idea. This is actually me in my home. My husband got very annoyed with my in laws when they bought me the chainsaw I wanted for Christmas. "She is dangerous enough, Mom! What are you thinking?" Hehehe I'm thinking, though, with our wonderful relationship she was thinking this was one way to get me out of her way. Though I still live to tell the tales. For now.