Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Testy times three

All three of my boys are going through a testy stage at the same time! Yeah me....


Exhibit A- A few days ago Atty scaled our 5 foot fence that is surrounding the pond in 2.2 seconds...After I ran around the house to get to the gate (barefoot on gravel with my heart pounding, screaming at him like a mad women) he needless to say got in big trouble. Which apparently didn't faze him, because he tried it again the very same day! He has been determined to scale that fence since the day he saw it.

Exhibit B- Bubu has picked up the word Damn it...again (from his father) and has been slipping it in to his vocabulary randomly and in increasing dosages during this pass week. Just last night he said "Move it Damn it" to his brother. I feel like the best mom in the world.

Exhibit C- Spike is starting to throw the most horrendous fits I have ever witnessed, worse then the ones Atty throws that I thought were going to drive me bonkers. I've never seen anything like it. And it's over random little things, that I would never dream would bring on an hour long scream fest. We are talking screaming, crying, shaking, no reasoning, nothing I can do but put him in his room (over and over again) kind of fits.

Let me continue...

Exhibit D- I am making another diaper cake for someone who is having a baby shower soon. I was working on it the other night and had placed three bottles down on the table, one lotion, one bubble bath, and one oil. I made a point of telling the boys to leave the stuff on the table alone and go play. I walked away for one second assuming that my husband was watching the boys like he said he would, and the babies got into the lotion and bubble bath got the lids off and spilt them on the table in the blink of an eye. I scrapped up the contents (you do what you need to do to get the job done) and finished the majority of the cake and then very responsibly put the diaper cake safety in my room. Last night I got to take a bath for the first time in a long time. While I was in there Atty got into my room (Again while my husband was suppose to be watching him, see a pattern anyone?) got his hands on the bottle of oil that was perched on the top of the cake and spilt the WHOLE contents onto my carpet. Oil...on my carpet. The only bottle they didn't get there hands on the first time. Can't scrap that up, can't even get it out of the carpet with my carpet cleaner. So after taking a relaxing bath I went into a screaming tizzy and then got to clean my carpets before bed.

Exhibit E- I planted a bunch of tomato plants in containers on the porch, right now the boys love tomatoes to I thought it would be nice to grow some for them to eat. Plus I love fresh straight from the garden cherry tomatoes, yummy yum. After I got them all planted Atty pulled up over half of them before I had any idea what was going on. I'm serious people he is that quick.

Need I go on, or do you get the idea? On top of the big stuff, there has been a none stop flow of talking back, from all of them. Fighting with each other on a way bigger scale now. Screaming and squawking and climbing all over everything and trashing the house. Play fighting and turning everything into a gun, which I don't permit in this family, and don't allow in the daycare. I don't even know where Bubu picked it up from but he's got his brothers copying him now and they run around the house Pish, Pishing each other using anything from a toy drill to a tinker toy as a weapon. When I tell him to stop he says, we're just Pish, Pishing mom. What?

I haven't the energy for it right now. I was managing when the boys were taking turns testing me, but now they have ganged up on me and are coming at me from all angles and I totally can't handle it. Bubu was my big helper, always has been, but now he is going through some late terrible two phase (the one he skipped that I was so thankful for) and he is almost four. I thought I was in the clear, boy was I wrong. Atty and Spike have definitely decided not to skip the terrible two's phase and are diving right in.

As I said, Yeah Me!


Mama said...

Oh you poor thing! Thats horrible!
Sounds like its time to lock them up in a padded room....

Lisa said...

Maybe it's those haircuts! Not so innocent looking anymore! I agree...padded room...get one. :)

Melody said...

Wow! At that point, I might lock myself up in a padded room! My three (well, my one plus the 2 I take care of) have been ganging up on me as well... although not quite as bad as that! *hugs* hang in there!! :)

Kat said...

Oh man! And all while you are pregnant!!!! That is crazy!
Try duct taping them to a chair. That's what I do with my crazy boys. ;)