Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Last Friday we had an amazing thunderstorm here. All day long it rumbled and grumbled... but it was a ways off so we didn't get the full effect. Until after I put the kids to bed. All of a sudden the thunder was booming and lighting was flashing and the rain picked up and you could feel that exciting electricity in the air. I swear it even smells different during a thunder storm. So what's a mom to do in this situation? Get her kids back up of course! ;) Well minus the girl who had already crashed, I got those boys out of bed, had them throw on a raincoat and we headed outside. The lightening and thunder was still about 10-15 seconds apart so I knew it was far enough away and we stayed by the house so we could dash back in if need be. I still remember the exciting thunder storms of my youth. I wanted to share that with them. It wasn't dark yet, so the lightening was not easy to spot, but you could see it if you really kept a look out. The thunder was loud enough to be exciting but not so loud as to be frightening {or thrilling if you are like me...} I've been in thunderstorms that seemed to rock the body with the sound of the thunder, the vibrations were that strong. :) That's my kind of thunderstorm. Yee-haw! ;)

 The sky was amazing! I wish I had a better camera... The colors were surreal!

The kids were all very excited, their Neenee was over and she has a way of making everything fun, so it was really something special. Atty liked it but was sticking to me like glue, as you can tell in this picture. :) He's very brave as long as him mommy is by his side, ha ha!

It didn't last long, but hopefully long enough to be a great memory for them. How often does their mom drag them out of bed to watch a thunderstorm!?! 

{The answer would be never, their 7:30 bedtime is usual set in stone, because no matter how late these kids stay up they still have a  way of waking up by 6 am, or earlier, every single morning... as much as I love them, mommy needs a break.}


Kat said...

Haha! I do the same thing with my kids. We love watching storms. I actually have a pic on my post today with the kids watching a storm. :)

Marlea said...

Its the moments in life that we remember and this is a big one!!! Awesome!