Friday, July 6, 2012


Our first batch of fresh organic strawberries from the yard...

 And what else to make except fresh berry sauce to top our home made whole wheat muffins with! So good!!!

And totally unrelated to strawberries but still really awesome was this amazing bouquet of flowers from the garden, wow did it smell good! It topped all bouquets to date, never have I smelled better! I was sad when it was gone.

 Now back to strawberries. :) Here's another sink full...

And another, plus fresh eggs from our chickens. I love the feeling of self reliance this gives me, even if I am only scratching the surface of what that means. I wish I could dive head first into it, but at least we make more and more baby steps in that direction every year. 

Oh yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, here is yet another sink full of strawberries. :) 

And here they are in their natural habitat... ;)
All red and shiny and ripe for the picking!

 And this is what I did with most of them. First I washed them and cut off any nasty parts and the greens, then I let them dry on a towel for a bit, then put them on cookie sheets and put them in the deep freeze over night. The next morning I took them off the sheets and put them in freezer bags for storage and plunked them straight back in the deep freeze. Best way to freeze them because then they don't stick together in one big blob and you can just shake out how ever many you want later on. :)

First batch of frozen strawberries ready to go back into the freezer. You want to process them, from the cookie sheets~ to the bags~ and back into the freezer, quickly so they don't begin to thaw. Other wise they will start to stick together and the extra work will be all for nothing. Nobody likes that...

A pile of delicious strawberries drying on the counter top, smells so good!

Totally unrelated to strawberries, but still delicious, I've been juicing my breakfast every morning for over two weeks now. It's fantastic. I love all the different colors and flavors I get. This particular one was beet, plum, carrot and a wee bit of spinach. The picture does not do it justice, it was the most beautiful color {and tasted good too}. I would go on a juice fast if I could afford it, but juicing is proving too expensive for me to do that, for now. So I will stick with the mornings and be thankful. :) I'm trying to do a soup or sometimes a salad for lunch {no grain/refined sugar/starch} and then eat dinner with the family with a few modifications. It feels pretty good. But after losing ten pounds I haven't lost another ounce! So that's a bit frustrating as I want to lose about ten more pounds. Over all I just wanted to reset my stomach and feel healthier though, and I feel like I'm getting there. :)

So there you go, a post about deliciousness. :)

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Kat said...

Ooooo!!! Those strawberries look delish! I love strawberry picking and everything that goes with it. :)