Monday, July 9, 2012

Little Mountain

The kids and I went on a picnic and a hike at Little Mountain the other day. It was nice to get out with them and have some fun, because it had been sort of a rough week. I'm starting to realize that the best remedy when we get in the rut of negative behaviors {mommy and kids} is a good ol' fashion day trip. :) Preferably in fresh air.  There is something about nature that balances this family out.

So we filled up our bellies with some yummy picnic food and then went on a nice easy and enjoyable hike on new trails that we had never explored before.

Of course Spike needed two walking sticks... they all took turns being leader, which helps to keep them motivated. :)

This girl is pretty tough, but there came a point were she felt we all needed a rest whether we knew it or not. She just plunked herself down on the trail.

And talked her brother into joining her, safety in numbers and all. ;)
They rolled around for a while, got nice and dirty and then we journeyed on.

Dappled sunlight is one of my favorite things, brings me instant peace. The way the sunlight filters through the green leaves and lands in happy little puddles all over the place. Or when is shoots through like a spotlight and spreads a warm glow over the star of the forest show. An unsuspecting lily, or a dancing fern.

Of course the boys just had to beat us to the top of the hill. Bubu was so proud of himself for finding the way back for us. :)

There are these amazing look outs at this park that show all of our area, one side is a view of our whole town and the other side is farm land. It's really amazing, we were all in awe. Atty said it was like flying. I'd say he was right. We all took a moment to pick what bird we would be.

My favorite part of being their mom, at this stage, has got to be going on adventures with them. I have always loved a good adventure {a lot more then my husband, ha ha!} and sharing that with my kids is truly a blessing. I'm looking forward to when they are a bit bigger and we can go on some serious hikes and do some back country adventures. One of my long time dreams has been to explore parts of the Lewis and Clark trail. It's been a dream since I was a kid, not even sure why... but I hope to some day share that dream with them. There are so many places I'd like to explore with them really, I hope we get a chance to do some of them before they are grown... time flies by way too quickly!

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Kat said...

I love how outdoorsy y'all are. We are that way too. Nothing better. :)