Friday, July 6, 2012

Atty's bird collection

Before I blog about all the other things I want to post in order to get caught up... I just have to show you what Atty did. He put his bird collection in the display case at our local library! It was all very cute. :) He was so excited that other people were going to see his birdies.
 This is in fact only a portion of his bird collection, we had to pair it down so that it would fit.
 He didn't really want to leave his birds there though, he was a bit worried about that part. But he managed to make it through the two weeks {while driving me  crazy with his constant questions about when we were getting them back}. It helped that he had a few of his favorites here. I was very thankful that some how those ones didn't get packed. ;)

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Kat said...

ACK!!!! That is so cute!!!! I love it. He would fit right in around here. ;)
I am going to be doing a bird post sometime this summer to show all the birds I've caught on my camera. Love birds. :)