Monday, July 9, 2012

~Garden tour time~

I'd say it's time for a tour of the front garden. :)

I think of my garden as an ever changing kaleidoscope. From spring, to summer, fall to winter, the color scheme is never the same for long. Keeps things interesting. I'm pleased with the way the garden is developing but it's still a LONG way from the way I want it to look.     
I've been slowly adding  garden art and statues for added depth and interest.
This little garden gnome use to be my grandmas, she painted it. I have three of them and I had them packed away for a while to keep them safe, but I decided I'd rather enjoy them. And hope that they stay safe. :)

Dew drops on Ladies Mantle.

I love this angle of the garden and house. The blue of the house and the blue of the hydrangea, broken up with the red of the posts and front door.

Walkway into the side garden. I had to move my little bird bath over to this area because the tree that it was by before ended up being our cat Max's favorite hiding spot. And he likes hunting birds, sadly. I invested in a collar with a bell, that lasted all of about three days before vanishing... I have a feeling I will be buying many collars with bells in the future...

My patio area is starting to fill in, but not fast enough for me. I'm thinking my impatient self might have to buy some more ground cover to speed up the process. I also need to finish the chairs that I want to put out here so that I can relax in my garden and enjoy the view.

Got some cherries this year, enough for a taste test... yummy! 

Over flowing, a multitudes of color, texture and shape.

Yet another angle of the front garden, daisies!

I love the simple beauty of daisies.

More contrast.


Kat said...

Gorgeous! I never thought I would enjoy gardening as much as I do, but the end product makes me so happy. :)

Marlea said...

LOVE love LOVE it! I am very entertained by our similar taste in our front yard gardens and red paint! :-)

Riahli said...

BFF think alike... ;) I love the dark red paint, I have to be careful not to go over board with it actually. Have to remind myself it's meant to be an accent color... :)