Tuesday, July 17, 2012

fantastic fourth!

Posing at the park for a fourth of July photo shoot, compliments of mommy... :)

Silly kids.

Photo shoot time for mommy too! Every time I see a photo with me and all my kiddos I think, I can't believe they are all mine! What a lucky mom I am! :)

Fourth of July beauty!

These boys see a tree and they just have to try and climb it.   Spike was actually off climbing... you guessed it...  another tree. :)

Spike bouncing on mattresses that were pulled out for just that purpose...  as well as a great place to watch the fire works from.

This brave boy watched the fireworks from his own chair this year and they didn't bother him a bit... in fact by the end of the night he was fast asleep despite the noise and excitement. :)

Watching the smaller fireworks around the fire pit.  It was a bit chilly out.

Watching the big fireworks show across the bay, beautiful night! This picture does not do the moon justice. It was big and put on a show of it's own.

These kids stayed up late! But wow did we have a blast! We had a long drive home, and didn't get there until almost 1 am. Yikes!!! I hate driving at night, but the view at this persons house was pretty amazing and the kids had such a great time that it was well worth it. {Although at this moment I'm dreaming of staying home next year...}

Sleeping fourth of July beauty... she partied so hard she wore herself out. ;)

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Kat said...

I just love the 4th of July! What great pictures! :)