Friday, February 26, 2010

Not a job for a hammer.

I was scolding Spike the other day for taking apart a piece of Strawberries jumper thingy (renamed by me) and I heard Bubu say "I'll fix it mom" then he turned to his brother and in all seriousness said "go get me a wrench". Ha! So Spike went off to get him a wrench and Bubu climbed under the jumper to investigate the problem. Spike came running back and handed Bubu a plastic hammer and Bubu said "NOT a Hammer, a wrench...I need nails for a hammer". The way he said it, all knowledgeable and sort of exasperated, was super funny. So Spike left again to find a wrench and Bubu sighed and said "Oh I'll help you" and went to show his little brother what a wrench looked like. They came back together, Bubu with appropriate tool in hand, and they were all set to fix baby sister's toy.

Bubu showed his brothers how to use the detail...and they soaked in every word. He did get a little frustrated when the wrench didn't actually solve the problem. He needed a mothers help. So together we problem solved how to get the piece back on. Team "R" at it's best. When we were done he said "Yay team "R", great team work mom!" So cute.

He was super proud of himself for helping his baby sister and fixing her toy. I think he might be one of the best big brother's out there. Strawberry thinks so anyways (and so do I).
I am beginning to wonder how many things will be taken apart and put back together though in my house. They have already started in on a few things. At least the tools are plastic for now.


A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Who cares "why" or "how." Children were entertained by something other than you for a few minutes.

Enjoy that break.

Brittany said...

This is TOO adorable for words! :) How sweet are your boys!?!


MGM said...

Gotta be a boy thing! My boys LOVES to take stuff apart. But he hasn't gotten the part about putting it back together yet! LOL!

Brittany said...

left you something on my page. check it out!