Thursday, March 4, 2010

I work in childcare, just look at my children.

Have you ever heard the saying that a carpenter's own house is always falling apart or a landscaper's own lawn is always overgrown...well I work in childcare. Take a good look at my own children.
I would never let a child I was watching look like this when in my care...but my own...well they wear pj's all day, take art work to a whole new level, and their faces are crusty as a general rule. Their hair is left unbrushed...and lately even their teeth in the mornings (gasp!) Most of the day they run around in underwear when they get tired of pajamas, or mismatched clothes inside out and backwards. Their socks don't match and sometimes not even their shoes.
So yeah, we are falling apart over here.

Even the baby spends the majority of the day in cloth diapers and drool. At this point it's like why get her dressed because her clothes are soaked in drool through her bib in less then five minutes. I have to say though that when she is dressed she looks pretty styling, probably because I am still dressing her myself...for now.
Soon she will be a ragamuffin just like the rest of them.


mommytoalot said...

LOl...omg..i laughed ..i can relate..i did home daycare for years..
and i had a child just draw on another the other day..or week..
Great post.
happy sweet beautiful children

Lisa said...

Cute post! You know though, that in their eyes, you can see that they know they are loved and feel very secure in their own skin! :) Hope you are doing better these days! Thinking of you...