Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bright Orange Treasures

So today we made an awesome discovery. While we were outside looking at the flower gardens and playing ~ eye spy me some spring time ~ I decided to take a gander at my very neglected garden boxes. Last year I sort of gave up on my garden when I got too big with the pregnancy to bend over properly. Lets just say when I stopped being able to see my toes no matter how hard I tried my garden fell apart. I never harvested the last crop of anything and I just stopped looking at it so I wouldn't feel so guilty. I went to some ones house a little while back and notice that they had harvested some carrots out of their garden in the middle of winter and I started thinking 'hey I never harvested all of my carrots out of my garden' I sort of thought that they must have gone mushy and I had given them up to the worms. But...they're not! They were just chillin there in the dirt all happy looking and bright orange and oh did they smell good. I love the smell of fresh from the garden veggies. Atty must too because he tried to take a bite of one of them dirt and all! Bleck. Call me picky but I'd rather wash them first. ;) We gathered them all up and carried them into the house so that I could make them all some...Carrot Juice! Bubu just couldn't get over his excitement at having found such an unbelievable treasure during the winter. He kept saying "Yummy they smell so good, can I try one mom?"
I just love their earthy goodness, and I have to admit I am bitten bad by the gardening bug now, come on spring I am so ready. So very, very done with the yucky cold grey days.

All shined up and ready to be juiced. It was such a fun unexpected project of sorts to do with the kids. Wasn't a planned part of our day but I was able to make it a learning experience and a fun thing to do together. They though it was so neat to watch the juicer do it's thing.

They were even more excited to try it! I used up all the carrots and they gulped it down.

I mostly made it for this guy because a wise family friend and naturopathic doctor told us a few things we could do to try and keep his liver clean and working well (because of all the meds, some of which are super hard on the liver) and one of those things was a little carrot juice every day. He really liked it, so that's a good thing. They all did. In the summer I should have some apples from the tree and more carrots in the garden and that will make for a super yummy drink. In the mean time I will go get us some organic carrots (and maybe some apples) from the store and make up some more juice for the little trooper and his brothers. Won't taste as good though. ;)


mommytoalot said...

Wow..fresh carrots in the winter. Score!!
The juice looks pretty tasty too.
Love the pics.

Lisa said...

yay for carrots!! Atty looks good. :)

Brittany said...

Wow, what a treasure! :)) Thats a gift from God! I hope things are going well, and Atty is looking too cute! Hope the carrots helP!

Kat said...

I just received a gardening magazine in the mail today. I have no idea where it came from or why I got it, but I am SO EXCITED to start a garden now. I have been looking at it so often this morning. Yeah!

Those carrots are huge! They look fabulous! :)

Niecey said...

I'll have to do carrot juice too, Turtle has had so much junk pumped into him. What other advice did he give?

Life by the Handful said...

Maybe I should invest in a juicer, although after two uses it would just sit in my cupboard with the other appliances I never use because I'm too lazy to wash them. Do you think it's wrong to have the dog clean those as well? :)