Friday, February 5, 2010


Just because it was about time for some cute baby girl pics.
She is growing so fast! Already a chatter box, she will get into these long serious rambling conversations with you that go on and on. Then she will start making raspberry sounds and blowing bubbles. Which makes her smile. Really she entertains nice! She is starting to grab at stuff, and often gets things into her mouth now. Which within moments seems to tick her off and then she is ready to eat. I guess she figures everything she puts in her mouth should be feeding her and when that doesn't happen, watch out world! She loves to smile, these big beautiful grins, and when she aims one of those at her daddy or her brothers...they melt. Every where we go she captures peoples attention, they seem smitten by her. When we were at the hospital anytime we were on the elevator with other people she would start making the most adorable sounds and who ever was on the elevator couldn't help but laugh. I'm sort of a shy person so when everyone keep turning and staring at the baby on my back and laughing it was a bit embarrassing, but funny too. She thought it was awesome that she could grab every ones attention and then she would flash a giant smile and they all melted also. It's her super power. Don't even get me started on her pouty face, even I fall for that one, the whole house goes into a tizzy when baby pulls out the pouty face. That might be her super-duper power. The girl is powerful.


Lisa said...

She is so beautiful. :)

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Chubby, squishy, and I want to kiss her and pinch her bum.

mommytoalot said...

She is beautiful. Love her smile.

Kat said...

Oh she is just so cute!!! What a sweetie!

MGM said...

She is absolutely precious!