Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'll take it all!

Seems like yesterday you were a tiny little wizard.
So how can you possibly be three today?
Today we celebrate your birth, in six more days we will celebrate the day you became our heart child. I can hardly wrap my brain around all that has happened in your first three years on earth. Through it all you have been our happy Atty, with your big beautiful smile and kind warm heart. Curious, active, peace maker. Resilient, positive and forgiving. You keep us on our toes with all of your shenanigans! You are the busiest child I have ever encountered. Always getting into stuff and trying to escape, trying to figure out how everything works, and how to get your hands on anything that catches your eye. You have given me more scares as a parent then all the children I have ever watched over the years combined! I have felt so stressed out by your behavior, your impulsiveness, your constant need to explore. I've begged you to give it a break, to take it easy on your poor mom, to please, please stop for a moment...but then you did. This past week at the hospital I experience a silent, unresponsive little boy. You were not getting into anything. You sat still and stared at the movies we played for you, or just stared at the wall. You did not try to get into everything, or escape. You weren't driving me crazy with your antics, your impulsiveness. You weren't doing anything...and I hated it. I wanted to hear your voice so bad. I wanted you to give me one of your great smiles and wrap you warm arms around my neck. I wanted to chase you down, I even wanted to go back to saying "where's Atty" a million times a day. I never thought I would say that I wanted it all back, but I sure did. Now we are finally home and I am back to chasing around my active, impulsive, silly Atty. You are saying a few words and they sound so good. Your smile is back and it is as beautiful as ever. I am so relieved, so very thankful.
You are Resilient. Amazing. Wonderful You. I love You so much. We are in this together Atty, and I will be with You every step of the way. What ever the years to come hold, what ever happens I will be right by Your side. I will be Your advicate, Your beacon, the strong and loving mom You need me to be. I will try to be less frustrated with Your random behaviors that have driven me crazy in the past. I will try to remember to keep in mind that it doesn't feel good when You are not You. I will take it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. The last three years have held so much, a wide range of emotions. You have added color to our lives, wild crazy moments, so much love and laughter. I am so thankful to have You in my life my heart child, happy birthday my love.
I can hardly believe you are three!


Kat said...

YEAH!!!! Happy Birthday, Atty!!!!!! I am so happy things are returning to normal. I hope it just continues and continues.

And by the way, you are such an AWESOME mama! :)

mommytoalot said...

Beautiful!! Happy birthday little guy!
This post brought tears to my eyes

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Atty. :) You are one special little boy! Lots of love sent your way from way way across the country!!! love to you too mom, you ROCK!!