Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday I deleted all of my pictures off of my camera on accident. Every picture of Ira's second birthday. His family birthday celebration, his birthday party, every single one. There was only one other camera at the party and they only took a few pictures. That is all I will have of my baby boys second birthday. I always make them special birthday pancakes that are shaped like the number of how old they are and a heart and then they get there picture taken with them in the morning and I lost those too. Every single one. My camera was full of pictures that I was just getting ready to download. It had beautiful pictures of the date that my hubby and I went on to the beach for our anniversary. We hadn't been out together in, I don't even know how long, and it was wonderful and of course I have those memories. But pictures mean a lot to me also if you haven't noticed and I am so sad that I lost those pictures too. Belly pictures. Pictures of another hike we went on. Every single one. I don't think I really even want to know all the pictures that I lost, the camera was full. I bawled. Like a baby. I had to go hide in my room, and cry my eyes out while my husband watched the kids. Then I cried every timed I talked about it all day long. Good grief I'm crying right now, this sucks...I'm such an idiot. I can not believe I did such a stupid thing...yes I can...but it still sucks. (sucks is such an annoying word)


Lisa said...

Oh man, that really does SUCK. So sorry!! I always fear that I am going to do that. So here's what you should do as far as the b-day part...make those pancakes again, and do the pictures over!! Of course you'll always know it was the "redo" breakfast, cake, whatever, but I bet in 10 years or so, you'll be glad you did it so you SOMETHING of Ira's number 2 days!! Make it fun, Oops, mommy was silly, so we get to pretend to have a party! I love my pictures too, and I know I would have cried just as hard. And for the date night pics? Record your husband telling you (and the camera) all about it, what was his favorite part, what did you do, etc. Take some new pics of that moment, add a candle for some romance! Again, so sorry, but remember, things could be A LOT worse. It's sorta the attitude I have taken with this whole anxiety thing with Caleb. It could be A LOT worse!! Smile, try and have a good day!! Thinking of you here in Maine, across the country!! :)

Kat said...

I would be bawling too. Pictures mean a lot to me. I just developed over 300 pictures from my camera, and I usually never let it get over 100 because I'm so paranoid that I'll loose them. Then after I develop them I save them on disc, and on my computer too. I am just paranoid about loosing pictures.
This would be my nightmare. I'm so sorry. :(

Mama said...

WOW So sad!
But I love Lisa's ideas! The kids will think its great also! How often do they get to have a second party!!!