Friday, June 26, 2009


So now that I am almost 26 weeks I get to go back on a gestational diabetics diet, ya me! I don't have gestational diabetes, just super BiG babies. So in an attempt to keep them under 11 lbs, my midwife suggested the diet. I did the same diet with Spike and he was about 8 oz less then Bubu (but still over 10 lbs) so I guess that's progress. I am just not good with diets, as soon as I know there are things I am just not suppose to have...that's all I want. Horrible. Plus fruit is my vice when I am pregnant, I crave it, I need it, I must have it Right Now! I have to restrict that, sweeteners of any kind, sweets, and grains. When I do eat any kind of grain...noodles, rice, bread or whatever, it has to be a tiny serving paired with a protein. Ugggg. It goes on and on and the diet plan it self is way more in depth then I will actually get because I am just not a counter of calories and carbs, nor can I guarantee that I will eat at the same exact moment every day and space my meals out every few hours. That takes way to much effort, but I will try to watch what I eat. Because the idea of pushing out a baby much bigger then Spike was is quite frankly terrifying!

Oh and I'm huge...I should stop looking at the scale when I'm weighed, except that wouldn't work because at my midwifes clinic you have to weigh yourself and then relive the humiliation when they ask you how much the scale reflected this time. Not very kind if you ask me. Big, bIg, biG...that's me.


The Mom said...

I have BIG babies also! My 5th was 10.8 lbs. Most of my kids were 9lbs. I hear ya!!

Mama said...

yuck! That sucks. But really anything over 9 is scary!

Kat said...

Well, in the picture on your sidebar you cetainly don't look big. You look great!
But I certainly feel big with this baby too. Man. I think I've already gained more than any of my other pregnancies and I still have a month and a half to go. Sheesh!
And I don't even have big babies. I guess I just eat too much. ;)