Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soggy day fun.

Sometimes rainy days are the best. After weeks with out rain we have had a few soggy days as of late and that means I either come up with fun and exciting things for the kids to do, or I go insane. A house packed with six young children can be fun...or a nightmare...depending on how I plan the day. So on one of the days I decided to build a fort with the kids, which is something we haven't done in a while. I got the reminder from Tiffany at My Litter of Six (check her out she's awesome!) she posted about letting her kids build a big ole fort a while back. We built a smaller version and all the kids had so much fun, then I let them watch a movie in the middle of the day which is something we never do and we munched on some popcorn while watching the movie. They really thought the whole thing was so super cool. It kept them entertained for a good long time and gave me some peace of mind...which is so unexpected on a rainy day. Our magnificent chair fort, oh so fun.

I can remember building huge forts when I was a kid and I always had a blast. There's just something so fun about hiding inside of a blanket cave.

Bubu was having fun I swear, I think he was just trying to tell me to get the irritating camera out of his face. He's not much for pictures these days.

Since we are not doing preschool in the summer time it leaves for more hours to fill. Which can be a good thing because then we have time for bigger projects. There's an art project that I like to do with the kids every summer where we make butterflies. They always love it. We start out by doing paint blot art. They have so much fun "smooshing" the paint to spread it out.

Then we (I since all the kids are little right now) cut the shapes out into butterfly wings. I give them a body piece, a pipe cleaner to turn into antennas, and googlie eyes to glue on to the wings and ta-da we have butterflies.

Which we then hang up around the room and enjoy. They are super simple to make, but with six kids it takes a while to get them done, so it's a good way to fill up a rainy day.

We also did plain old water color painting on one of the rainy days and that turned out to be a lot of fun. Even the littlest enjoyed it. Since I had them take turns they didn't tire of it for a long time and it really filled up the day. They would paint, then switch with someone else and go play, then come back to worked out well. They did of course eventually get bored of this though so we cleaned it up and moved on to an Animal Dance Party. Boy was that fun! I got out the dress up clothes and picked out some jazzy music and it was on.

Atty doesn't like to dress up, never has. So the most I could get him to do was put this Dino hat on and pose one second for a picture before he ripped it back off.

The rest of the time he wore this one red wrist band and just hammed it up. I guess he's enough of a character he doesn't need to dress up!

Bubu decided to be the Dino, and then proceeded to wear the costume for the rest of the day.

Spike chose the monkey suit...doesn't he make for a cute monkey.

Then those animals got their grove on! It was super funny and they had a blast. After they were tired of dancing they just changed outfits a gazillion times and made an absolute mess of the playroom, but they were having fun and that's all that mattered on that wet, wet, wet day.


Lisa said...

If I lived close enough, I'd be calling on you for some daycare time for my Little Man! Looks like a blast. How are you feeling?!

Mama said...

It looks like a lot of fun! You really do a good job of keeping those kiddos busy!!!