Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Shearing

It was time. Shaggy hair be gone. Bubu being the oldest and bravest went first. In his own words he was ready for his "ho-hawk" ...and boy does he sport a good fro-hawk! Technically not an actual mo-hawk, because I only spike the top, and the rest is shaved. I like it better that way on my boys. The orange on their faces is from the carrot juice my husband just made for them. That stuff stains!
Then there was Atty ready to go.
Ta-da! Red head fro-hawks are the best!
Then on to the littlest. Shaggiest of all!
Oh yeah! Spike of course had to have the tallest fro-hawk to live up to his nickname.
So there you have it, fro-hawk everywhere around here. If I end up having a girl this time around she might have to hide when mommy gets the itch to shave heads in the spring, or she might end up looking like the rest...ha, ha! Even my hubby got shaved, but no mo-hawk, maybe next time.


Mama said...

Oh my! they look so grown up with their fro hawks!!!
I like your new side bar pics! Another good one of your man! Nice. And more belly pics! wow.

Kat said...

Haha! I love it!
Although my boys are actually kind of picky about their hair. They wouldn't let me do something fun like that. I'll have to try it this summer and see what they think. :)

Melody said...

SO cute!! I love mohawks on little boys! They way you do it is a great idea, too.

Lisa said...

I missed this post somehow! Too cute!!