Thursday, April 2, 2009

At least that's not stinky.

So my day started out with a poop filled toilet overflowing. Yeah. I had to run to the other bathroom at the other end of the house to grab the plunger, and then sprint back to the bathroom that now had sewage flowing out into the hallway. Nice. 15 nasty, have to bleach repeatedly, towels later and I now have one sparkly bathroom. Every square inch disinfected.

...But then less then an hour later while talking on the phone I glanced over at Tank who I am still trying to get potty trained and he had taken off his underwear and was in the process of pooping on the ground. Uuuugggggggg! Good thing I have a trusty carpet cleaner, I don't know what I would do with out that thing honestly. I feel like I have reached my nasty quota, for the week anyways. Just to mention, both poop filled incidence involved Atty, go figure.

Since this post seems to be all about poo, let me just say that my youngest is 21 months and is almost entirely potty trained, wears underwear except when sleeping and rarely has accidents. Bubu was potty trained completely by 19 months. But Atty, well I have a feeling I will be still changing his diapers when he's four. Part of it is due to the fact that he has sever food sensitivities that cause lots of tummy troubles for him, so he doesn't always seem to know when he is going to go potty, it just happens. The other is he truly doesn't seem to care where he goes, he just lets go where ever he happens to be. Doesn't say a word, until he's done anyways. It's so frustrating. I try not to get too irritated by it, because I know full well that sort of attitude just makes it worse, but good grief. Needless to say he's back in diapers for the day, cause my tolerance for all things messy, is border line at best right now.

Which means that I probably should cancel the finger painting project we are about to do, but at least that's not stinky.


Melody said...

Ewwwww!! I am so lucky to say that I've never had to deal with overflowing poopie toilet. Although once, K made such a big one it wouldn't go down, and I made Jeremy reach his hand (in a glove!) in the toilet.... gross!!! I am so impressed with your potty training skills though... two boys potty trained under 2 years?! Kade was 4 before he could even go a day in underwear without having accidents. I was worried he'd be going to college in pullups :) You have skills!!

smiles4u said...

Oh dear, not a good way to start out the laugh only because I have had way too many days like this. Between my own children and the many day care children over the years, I could write a book just on this topic...ugh. Hope tomorrow is less poop filled!

Kat said...

Holy poo! Yipes! That is pretty nasty.
I'm sure I could potty train Ben right now (my other boys were trained around 2 years old too) but I just don't want to try and hide the little potties when we have open houses. That is pretty lazy, I know. I'm sure I'll start soon. ;)