Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun in the sun, April style.

We had an awesome day at the beach on Sunday. It was nice out, and the boys really enjoyed exploring in the sunshine. Our favorite thing to do as a family is go exploring out in the great outdoors. We had a picnic and spent hours combing the beach for cool rocks, climbing on logs, looking for sea creatures, throwing rocks in the water and J's personal favorite, seeing who can hit the most seashells off of a log with arm was actually sore from throwing so many rocks, we haven't played this game in a while (and I am a wimp). It was so wonderful to relax on the beach with my boys. I am a lucky girl. ~Daddy funny~ as Atty would say.
Come on Daddy, lets go exploring...
Look mommy there's an airplane in the sky.
Atty bravely walked up and down this log, sometimes he can seems so clumsy, and other times he amazes me with his balance.
Hanging out in a cool fort someone made on the beach out of drift wood.
Log climbing.
Brave little critter.
Bubu loves throwing rocks in the water, they all do. The bigger the rock, the larger the splash!
Daddy love.
Sunshine snuggles.
What did you find Uncle J?
Exploring the beach.
Atty decided that climbing on top of the fort was so much cooler then playing inside the fort.
So much fun in the sun!


Mama said...

how fun and cute! I am glad J got to be with you guys too!
Looks like you all had a great time!

MGM said...

I sure do miss living so close to the coast. I know you are in Washington, but it sure looks a lot like "home" at the Oregon coast!