Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mice called bunnies.

We had a wonderful Easter. It was made even better by the fact that my husband got off work early totally unexpectedly, and was able to have the Easter egg hunt with us and dinner. Which was so wonderful. I am finally brave enough to post a belly picture, yikes! Crazy hair and all. I am trying to grow it out again, but I'll admit it's driving me crazy right now. Me and my big ol' belly. I don't know why I get so big so fast, but it's always been that way. Can you see why my midwife thought twins?!
Boys with their Neenee, my mom. She spend the night, because my friend was starting to have contractions, and we thought that she might have the baby, so I went over to her house. The contractions ended up stopping over night though, poor thing. It was nice to be able to spend Easter with the kids, even though it meant that my poor friend has to wait a little longer, and it was great that their Neenee got to be there too.

Atty stuffing his face with treats. Look at those big juicy chipmunk cheeks. So cute!

Ira was a good little egg finder. I did have to keep reminding him to look for eggs first before eating them, so that his brothers didn't end up with them all.

Easter family picture. I made every one dress nice for the dinner and we had a great time.

Our egg hunt ended up being in doors, because of course it was raining as it does on all holidays here in the NW. If you noticed the huge pile of laundry in the background it ended up being a great place to hide eggs, kinda like looking for a needle in a haystack. My couch gets lonely, so the laundry feels obliged to keep it company.

Atty looking for eggs. He made that bunny basket. Filled it up with lots of eggs, which I had filled up with dried fruit, nuts, and yogurt covered raisin, because I am admittedly a bit of a health nut. My poor kids. They did get some candy in there Easter baskets though, so they are not total deprived. Although I tend to put more trinkets and little toys in there then candy.

Ira loved this egg the most, didn't want to put it in the basket, carried it around instead. Silly kid.
Banden wanted me to take a picture of every egg he found, and he found a lot! It was funny. He was so proud of his finding skills this year. Kept telling me "I'm a great finder mom."

All of the kids made these cute bunny baskets this year. Although they ended up looking more like mice this time around for some reason. I think it's the whiskers, I'll have to use something different next time. I used something different for the whiskers last year and they looked a lot better. The kids had so much fun making them though. Ira went crazy with the decorations. The foam shapes were suppose to be just for the nose, but he had other plans. Anyways that was our Easter, hope you all had a great time too.


Mama said...

YAAAYYYYY Belly pics!!! You look so cute! I cant wait to watch you grow!!!
Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter.
I will always remember going to sunrise services with you when we were young. That was so cool!

Kat said...

What a fun Easter! I just love those bunny baskets. So cute!
And you look FABULOUS!!!!! Such a cute little baby belly. :)

Lisa said...

you look great. :) Looks like you had a wonderful day, and couldn't help but "hear" your happiness over the hubby being home early! yay for hubbies...

Melody said...

Looks like a really fun Easter!! :) And, your baby belly is SO CUTE!!! I love it!! :)