Wednesday, April 15, 2009

nakie not for me...

My oldest is a nudist. I have lost all hope of this being a passing faze. Just keeping him in underwear is an on going struggle. I am afraid he will be answering the door in his undies as a teenager! He will be dressed one moment and streaking the next. We had a talk about modesty a while ago and how when you get older you have to learn modesty and wear clothes like mommy and daddy and just about everyone of your friends that don't feel the need to strip down on a regular basis. He seemed okay with this and would proudly tell people he was learning about modesty. It was really cute, and I though we were making some head way. Then for no reason I can understand it all came crashing down. He follows me around asking if he can be nakie. I say no. He asks why. I tell him. He asks why again. I firmly tell him it is not nakie time, (after bath I let the boys run around nakie, it might be there favorite time of day.) maybe later. He bursts into tears. Not throwing a fit crying, the kind of crying were I have destroyed his life and broken his heart. He runs to his room and bawls his eyes out, when he is done he will come out with his eyes all red and look at me with a reproachful look, sad to the core. Some days he will start in again with a sad lip trembling "why I can't be nakie?" I will remind him about modesty, and he will run back to his room to cry all over again. Then I just feel awful. I don't guilt easy. I'm a pretty tough mommy. It's just that I've always loved that he feels so comfortable with his body, and I hate to see him so confused and sad about why he can no longer have that freedom of running around in naked bliss. But he's almost four! All good things have to end some time. The other problem is that I have been potty training the younger ones and I let them be nakie cause it's easier that way and they potty train faster, and so he gets jealous of the little ones. Spike didn't run around nakie for long though because he's already figured out the potty thing and likes to wear underwear for the most part, thank goodness! Plus I have been more insistent with him that it is undies or diaper, because I can't handle another full time nudist. Atty, well I went back to diapers with him, because the potty training was getting frustrating and he has stomach issues he can't help right now, so I gave up for the time being. So there really are currently no naked babies running around and my oldest is still pining over his naked days. He admittedly spent the majority of him baby days naked, potty training days naked, little toddler days naked, he's just always wanted to be naked. Most of my pictures of him from his first couple years I can't show to many people, cause he's naked. I guess we just go use to it, and barely noticed he had no clothes on. Now I look back and think my goodness the child was never dressed! He just doesn't seem to feel comfortable in clothes. He still makes me cut all the tags off his clothes because they drive him crazy. If he has to be in clothes he would prefer pj's or his spiderman outfit. Nothing restricting. I seriously don't know what to do, I think I will have to resign myself to the fact that there is a very good chance my son with grow up and start a nudist colony.


Mama said...

Oh how funny!!!
I am sure thats also fun when trying to run a daycare!
He may end up starting a nudist colony....hopefully some place warm!

Kat said...

Strange that none of my boys went through the nuddy phase. Hmmm. Maybe it is too cold here in Wisconsin. ;)

Melody said...

Kade is the opposite, he freaks out if I make him go without socks on a warm summer day! Hmmm... maybe you could invent a "naked Saturday" or something, and tell him if he wears clothes all week long he can be naked until lunch time on Saturdays or something like that... I don't know!
Oh, I do have one story of Kade being naked... once at McD's play area, Kade went up into the slide thing completely clothed, and came down the slide.. completely naked... which was really strange because he really does hate being naked! I still don't know why he took all his clothes off. hahaha!
BTW, how's Iva??