Monday, August 31, 2009

The moment a child is born...

My first born son turns four today. Four years ago today, September 2nd 2005 I became a mommy. He turned my hubby and I into a family. He gave us the first time title of mommy and daddy, something we will now be for the rest of our lives. He started it all. I can remember staying up all night just staring at him, thinking about what it was going to be like watching him grow up and all my hopes and dreams for him. That feeling when you first become a parent is amazing. Every child is amazing, but I feel like your first is something truly unique, the feelings of a first time parent are practically indescribable. There is a poem I love that goes like this.


The moment a child is born

the mother is also born.

She never existed before.

The women existed, but the mother, never.

A mother is something absolutely new.


A whole new world for me as it was for him. We took our first breaths together as mommy and son. The adventure had begun, a brand new path in life waiting to be traveled.

This is the next day at the hospital, still staring at him. Big and beautiful. 10 lbs 10.5 oz. Shoulders up to his ears, frog legs from being breach, no neck, just a solid baby.
Out in the sunshine, a couple days old. Snuggled up and sleepy.
Sleeping on the daddy. He was such a chunk!
Bubu's first birthday, cake face! Little did we all know he was about to be a big brother, times two! With in months of his first birthday I found out I was pregnant and our heart child was placed with us at six days old. Through it all Bubu dealt with it in his gentle peaceful way. He embraced it all. A natural big brother.
Bubu's second birthday, see him eyeing the celery...he has cake right in front of him that you can't see but he also has broccoli clutched in his hand and he's craving some celery...he's always loved his veggies. He was such an adorable two years old, didn't even bother with the "terrible twos." An out going and pleasant personality.

Here he is on his third birthday, another cake face. A wonderful big brother and son. He could have made things much more difficult on me, having three children three and under but he didn't. Always the helper, caring, loving and kind. Even though he saved the "terrible twos" for his third year, it was nothing, barely a fuss.


Now he is turning four. How the years have flown by.


I love you son, seeing you grow up and turn into your own little person with all your likes and dislikes has been amazing. Your insights, your vocabulary, your wit fill my life with joy, most days ;). I love being able to have conversations with you now, to hear your take on things, to see things from your perspective. You are such a wonderful, caring, loving son and brother. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. I marvel at who you are and know that who ever you become, it will no doubt be magnificent. Your dad and I still aren't sure what we did to end up with such a wonderful you but we sure are thankful beyond words. We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. You have taught us so much, more I think then we have managed to teach you! I look forward to learning with you through the years.




Marlea said...

Happy Birthday! Happy MOMMY birthday also!

Brittany said...

What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday handsome boy!!! What a miracle motherhood is! I think we should get the presents! :) lol