Monday, August 31, 2009

Pictures, pictures and more pictures, seriously way to many pictures...

Baby shower pictures! This is just the last half of the baby shower when someone else reminded me about my camera. Unfortunately my camera was on a horrible setting and seems to be failing also so most of the pictures that my friend took ended up being really blurry, oh well.


What a wonderful day! I felt truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends. There have been times in my life, when I was much younger, were I felt completely alone. There has never been another time in my life that I have felt such love from so many. My life is full right now, and I am surrounded by so many loving, generous, talented, funny, compassionate, supportive women. Having so many of my loved ones in the same place at the same time was over a good way! It made me realize how truly lucky I am and how far my life has come from were it was. To me just having all my friends there to show me how special I am to them was what mattered the most. A couple of my friends drove over two hours to come to my baby shower, one of my friends came even though it was her birthday, some of my friends drove somewhere else to drop off older kids and then drove to my baby shower just to make sure we could have girl time. My husband took all three of the boys to the Children's Museum (alone!) so that I could have a moment kid free with my girlfriends. Friends brought delicious food, an overwhelming amount of gifts, kind words and love. Two of my friends stayed up until after midnight the night before to make me a beautiful cake and a super awesome diaper cake packed full baby clothes, cloth diaper and much, much more! I had told all the girls that gently loved clothes were perfectly fine with me, and lots of my friends have had baby girls recently, so I ended up with an enormous amount of adorable baby girl clothes, I am swimming in them right now! We had fun just chatting and loving up the three little baby girls that were there, playing a couple fun games, eating LoTs of good food and looking at all the cute girl stuff that everyone brought. The party lasted for Hours and I loved every minute of it...and now on to pictures. :)


One adorable baby girl.

and another.

Oh and yet another adorable baby girl, my little niece. I have no idea what I am looking at.

Opening presents.

My "little" sister and my soon to be sister in law.

More presents.

Food! The little boy in the picture was the only boy there and he was so well behaved!

Oh My Goodness, more presents!!

...and more...

Fabric from my other sister in law, looks like I am going with the red themed fabric for my little strawberry's quilt.

A super funny book I got.

A Moby Wrap, super excited to use one of these this time instead of the sling I used with the boys. I ended up with two Moby Wraps in different colors, how cool is that.

Giddy over girly clothes.

Don't know what the serious face was about, someone brought me a different sort of cloth diaper then I am use to and I think they were explaining it to me. They seem pretty cool, the G diapers, less bulky then the ones I've used previously.

I used baby girl onsies hung up with clothes pins for decoration.

These cute litte baby girls stole the show, they were talking to each other, it was really adorable.

Eating... the girl sitting on the far left by the window has been my friend since 5th grade!

My mom and my little niece.

More baby girl pictures, aren't they just adorable.

This is the cake my friend stayed up all night making, wow huh! She is super talented.

An adorable outfit.

...and another...

...and another...

...and another...

I just love this one, my mom found it...I think it's perfect!

...and finally there is this one. My friend made it. She has a blog here, and a link to her Etsy shop on her blog, check it out she is seriously talented and I have never been disappointed by anything I have ever ordered from her. I luck out because she also just makes me awesome things for gifts, and I am always excited to see what she has come up with. This little gem is too cute for words. It's a little monkey print top with a diaper cover that has ruffles on the back and matching monkey slippers. I can not wait to put my little baby girl in this and take some super cute pictures!

Just look at those ruffles...oh so cute!


So there you have it, if you made it all the way through this post then you're awesome too!


smiles4u said...

Sounds and looks like the best shower ever!!! The cake is amazing! And of course those babies are beautiful. And did you ever make out on the baby clothes!!! Wow! What a blessing to have these loved ones come together to celebrate such a wonderful occasion. You look so happy that you glow!

MGM said...

How fun! I still remember the shower I had for my baby girl. I never got one for my baby boy.

And I still can't get over that precious red hair on that baby niece of yours!

Mama said...

What a wonderful shower!
Looks like you had a great day and now have lots of GIRLY stuff!!!
Is that Claire?

Riahli said...

I did have a wonderful time, wish you could have been there Marlea. That is Claire in the picture, she has a little girl, Luella, turned three in August. Very cute and super tall already just like Claire. :)