Thursday, August 13, 2009

phantom rabbit

Last night I was roused out of sleep feeling like something woke me up and with the words "peek a boo, I see you" echoing in my head. Since I have to pee every hour or so right now I figured I must of been having a weird pregnancy dream at the same time that my bladder was calling to me so I forced myself out of bed and shuffled into the bathroom. The phrase I heard a moment before kept repeating it's self in my head though and I starting thinking about how that would make for a really scary movie. Then I heard it again for real and I kid you not my heart leaped out of my body! It was coming from Spike's (new) room directly across the hall from the bathroom. It was this high pitch creepy little kiddish voice coming from behind his door. Did I mention I am still afraid of the dark at 30 something? Yeah. I gulped my fear and pushed open his door, nothing to see, all is quiet. I noticed that Spike had rolled off his mattress that is on the floor right now and was sleeping next to his bed, so I leaned over to move him back onto the bed and that freaking voice sets in again with a "peek a boo I see you" and I swear I wanted to start punching anything, the air if need be. Then I saw it, Spike was laying on a little stuffed bunny toy that apparently repeats that very phase every time it is pushed. So every time he rustled around he was making it go off. Ugggg! I hate talking toys!!

Let me assure you that no one wants to wake up to a creepy voice randomly repeating "peek a boo I see you" even if you're not afraid of the dark.


smiles4u said...

No shit! That would have scared the shit out of me! I hate talking toys too...actually I hate most toys that make noise...I love when batteries lose their power!

Brittany said...

ha ha! Very creepy! did you break the thing in half?!

Mama said...

Ha H aHa Ha i would have pissed my pants too!