Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So many choices so little time...

So I asked you all a while back to tell me which quilt pattern you liked the best. I finally picked and it's....pattern C. Not the fabric, just the pattern. So now on to the fabric. There are so many different fabrics to choose from I can't make up my mind. I went to a fabric store (with my little monkeys, boy was that fun!) and took pictures of my favorites and now I want you all to help me choose which color/pattern combo to go with. I put together the pattern choices that are up for debate on separate sheets of paper and have been asking friends and even the hubby to vote on which one is their favorite. Now it's your turn. Ready, Set...Go!
Number 1. Lady bugs and flowers , strawberries, and plain red fabric. Don't bother trying to read my chicken scratch on the sides, it's just noting which fabric will be used for the sashing, center squares, border and binding, and corner stones and corner squares.

Number 2. Blue, green and pink print fabric, butterfly, dragonfly, and blue fabric. I know the blue fabric looks grey in this picture but it's actually a light blue. I could always switch the solid blue fabric for a pink...although I am not much for the color pink, it would make it look more girly.
Number 3. multi color flower pattern with brown background, multi color strips, solid blue, and flower/vine print with ladybugs and butterflies. Again I could switch the blue to a pink.
Number 4. Big flowers, small flowers, butterflies, and blue fabric. I could do a green solid fabric on this one. I know that is not very girly, but have you figured out that I'm not much of a girly girl yet?
Number 5. Multi colored flowers with a white background, solid green, green vines with flowers and a brown background, matching multi colored/patterned strips. I'm not sure if I want to go with green solid fabric for this one or switch it to blue or pink.
So there you go, five choices. Which one is your favorite? What would you change? Let me hear your ideas.
One last thing I bought my first girly outfit last's adorable, take a look. It's sized for next summer, since this is a fall baby. So I have to wait a while before I can put her fat little body into it and stare at some juicy rolls, and I can hardly stand it!
I absolutely love dresses with matching diaper covers or shorts underneath. Cuteness!

Eyelet trim, strawberries, ribbon flower, red checkers, can it get any better then this?!


Lisa said...

I'm lovin' the top one, but I think that's because of the strawberries, and how that is really all I know of this new little one! :) The second choice is the browns, but instead of the solid blue, I think a solid pink. Can't wait to see what you choose!!

Kat said...

Number 3! Number 3!!!!
I love brown and pink together. And I would switch out the blue for pink. Or if that is too much pink for you, you could choose another color that is in the strip pattern. Maybe yellow? I also like the top one. :)

That dress is TOO CUTE!!!!!!

buzymommaof2 said...

Hey topic, but I just had to tell ya that I was glad to hear your comment on my page. I have been doing everything to get this baby out, but maybe a day of rest would do me some good as in your case! LOL! It made me feel better to know that maybe all I need is to rest. (Well, I will at least feel better about resting if I can find time to anyways!)