Friday, August 28, 2009

A whole new level.

I would get down to my kids level more often's really dirty down there! ;)

I have been cleaning like a maniac. Partially because I am at that stage in my pregnancy were I want everything perfectly organized and clean to sparkling at all times, and also because my baby shower is this Saturday and I am a freak about my house being put together before people come over. I cleaned all day again yesterday and the house was looking quite nice if I do say so myself, then I bent down to talk to Bubu and while I was listening to what he was saying I glanced over at the wall by the back door and noticed a whole new world of dirt! Months of sticky hands touching the walls down low. I guess since it was below my eye level and I'm not as flexible and bendable as I once was right now it had completely evaded me and my frantic cleaning. Once I saw that though, I noticed much, much more and once again I was thrown into a cleaning frenzy that left me breathless (not hard to do right now). My husband is not working today and I came up with millions of things I need him to do as I was wandering around the house cleaning and organizing yesterday, isn't he lucky?!! I already had him fixing the bathroom, painting a wall and steam cleaning my carpets this week, hey if he's going to be home I'm putting him to work no use having a strong capable man just sitting around (like he ever gets to do that). Now I must stop blogging because I am sure there is much more that I need to clean, plan and prep before tomorrow.

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Lisa said...

I'm pouting.....I wish I could be at your babyshower! Sounds so fun! Can't wait to see pics (hint hint) of all the girly stuff you're going to get!! I also wish I could borrow your husband for a while! hah! Mine isn't working a whole lot, and he sort of helps out here, but not like yours!! Enjoy your day!