Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wild pregancy dreams...for my husband.

I was roused from a deep sleep the other night to the sound of my husbands "mean voice" belting out

"Who's talking to my wife!"

Now being that I was sleepy for a split second I thought, who is talking to me?...but then I realized...it was the middle of the night!

So with my heart beating a mile a minute I said "Oh my goodness, that scared me"(or something similar to that but I am trying to keep this blog PG) when I should have just punched him, to which he responded in a sleepy voice, "sorry...good thing I didn't yell that".

"Um yeah you did why do you think I'm awake." To which there was no answer because he was apparently already asleep again dreaming Lord knows what.

I on the other hand I was awake for hours, thanks hon.

This far surpasses the time he was talking about cookies in his sleep.

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Brittany said...

One of my past boyfriends, was sleeping, and he thought there were aliens. He went on to kick me in his sleep, and screamed like a little girl. Woke the whole house up, and my moms boyfriend came up in his underwear with a baseball bat. It sounded like someone was getting murdered! He went right back to sleep, and I laid there shaking for hours!