Friday, June 28, 2013

Riddle me this... we left with fourteen, but caught none.

Late is better then never, once again my excuse for posting about something WAY after the fact.  Fathers day, yes I know, I know, good grief. but I couldn't just skip over it! :) We went lake fishing for trout, and had a picnic and it just happened to be a beautiful day. Perfect way to spend Father's day in our book...

My husband borrowed a little boat and the kids took turns going out with him to fish. :)
 Funny story~ Just about every time my husband took one of the kids out to fish someone would offer us their trout. Which we gladly excepted. So every time my husband came back to land {sadly with out fish} the other kids would run up and tell them about the fish we got. This was a bit annoying for my husband I'm afraid. ;) They didn't end up catching any fish that day, but we left with 14 trout anyways! I smoked them all, and they were good. :) My theory on why this happened... I'm thinking {because of the boys long hair and the fact that every one under the sun seems to be calling them girls right now} they all thought Ryder took his four girls fishing on Father's day and wasn't catching anything. So I'm thinking they felt a wee bit sorry for him and wanted to help out, ha ha! That or they thought I was pretty {Ryder's theory, he makes me giggle... silly guy.} I happened to be reading my book the whole time, while the kids caught caterpillars, so it definitely had nothing to do with me being friendly, that I am not. ;) All joking aside it is more likely due to the fact that people like to catch fish, but not all of them like to eat fish. Waste not, want not is my motto. :)

And now to leave you with a creepy picture of the huge pile of caterpillars my kiddos caught. At one point Atty had them all in his hands and crawling up his arms. Totally, utterly, disgusting! Shudder.
I spent the day feeling really thankful that my kids have such an amazing, hardworking, and absolutely loving father. It truly brings tears to my eyes seeing how much they adore their father and how much he deserves their adoration. :) It's a beautiful thing.

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Kat said...

That sounds like a wonderful Father's Day. How nice that all those people gave you fish! I agree with Ryder's theory too! :)
We usually catch and release. A couple times of year if we catch a ton of good sized perch we'll fry them up but usually we just like to catch 'em and let 'em go.

Holy caterpillars! BAH! I like caterpillars but that is quite a few. Whew!