Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You are about to be flooded with summer happens... :)

Leiella made her very own robot and she was super proud. :)

I can't believe how fast my first born son is growing up! It's enough to make a lady feel old... ;)

Teeth are being lost left and right, I feel sorry for the poor tooth fairy. Pun intended! ;) Atty lost his a while back but I think I forgot to post about it here. Facebook has ruined me. Ha ha!

Banden has now lost both front teeth. He's going to be on a liquid diet soon if he keeps this up. ;)

Ira FINALLY lost his first tooth. Notice the crime scene in the back ground? Yeah, while I was watching a movie, after already tucking them safely into bed, they {meaning my trouble twins, Atty and Ira} got back up and worked on his loose tooth with a lego pick until it came out. Shesh! To say that Ira is a determined and competitive child is a massive understatement. He couldn't handle not having lost a tooth yet for a moment longer. ;) Is it just my kids or do they all seem to loose their teeth late at night? Mine are always so excited to have a good reason to come out of their rooms past their bedtimes, ha ha!
My boys love camping out in the same bed on the weekends, and I couldn't help snapping this adorable picture of them all passed out together. Sweetness. :)

Our chicks are, well... no longer chicks! 

Nothing better on a hot day then sitting in a pool in the shade eating popsicles!  We have ended up having quite a hot streak around here! And it always takes me by surprised, as is evident in the next picture... Ha!

Oh yeah, it was bad! The back was even worse... Ouch barely covers it, and I'm still peeling.  Lesson learned, for the time being. ;)

I thought this was way cute. Leiella picked out our shoes that she wanted us to wear and set them up by the front door. :)

Red heads need a little extra sun protection. :)

Trying to cool off once again...

And I leave you with this funny picture, my desperate attempt to cover up after scorching my body the day before...  Good thing I didn't need to go anywhere. ;)

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Kat said...

OUCH!!!! That sunburn! I can feel it through the picture. Owwie!

Looks like summer is all kinds of fun in your 'hood! :)