Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy birthday, happy birthday, we love you!

Someone had a birthday! :) My "baby" boy is 6 years old!!!

 So handsome, just as mischievous as ever, and super funny. :) Some things never change. ;)

 And this is the lucky girl he's going to marry. ;) Ha ha! He, in all seriousness, will tell you that she's the one. There's no talking him out of it. A budding romantic. He set out on a mission a while ago to win her over, and I think it's working. So funny. :) 

 I love that in our circle of friends, making presents for each other is not only acceptable, but awesome.  Also giving each other favorite toys as gifts. It's just so sweet. :) Reuse, reduce, recycle. :) My kids have a constant toy swap going on as well, smart little critters...

 Trying out the new owl puppets made for him by his best buddy.

 Ira's fruit cake. :) The kids ate the whole thing, and then some!
They ate so much their bellies hurt, but at least they were filling up on fruit, not sugar and junk... Actually most of the kids there had food restrictions of one kind or another, it seems most kids do these days, so a fruit cake it a great way to include everyone at a birthday party. And what kid doesn't like fruit!?!

Yummy, yummy fruit. :)

I don't have any pictures of his actually birthday on the computer yet, but we had yummy birthday pancakes, and then for dinner he wanted me to bake a whole chicken, and also some quinoa noodles with nettle pesto {good thing I froze some extra batches this year!}, fries, baby carrots, and almond milk. Funny kid. Then he picked a berry cobbler for his birthday treat. I made a grain free/dairy free one that was freaking delicious if I do say so myself, we gobbled the whole thing up with some coconut ice-cream. Yumminess. He got his own fishing pole and tackle box, and he was one happy boy. :) Now I have two six year olds in the house, and a soon to be eight year old. And I don't even want to talk about my little girl turning four all too soon...

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Kat said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome little dude!
Can I tell you how happy I would be if he actually DID marry that little redhead? How cute!!!!! And what a story. Love it.

Also, LOVE the fruit cake. What a fabulous idea!