Thursday, June 6, 2013

She's going to be famous one day. ;)

So where do I begin... My daughter is feeling the calling to be a beautician, but she lacks the training as of yet. So she gave herself a mullet. On one side of her head. Or maybe that was just her making a niche for herself in the fashion world, start something new. Either way, in my humble opinion, it was awful. Not my favorite thing ever, and I sincerely hope it will never catch as the latest and greatest, but you never know. Might wake up tomorrow and a one sided mullet with be the new coolest thing. ;) 

So we were already planning on taking her in with her best friend to get matching hair cuts right before this happened. But we had to get a little edgy and drastic with Leiella's hair to blend in the mullet.

 Here she is getting her first professional hair cut ever. She was so excited.
I was planning originally to get her hair cut super short in the back and leave it long in the front. Mostly trying to get rid of the irritating, ever present,  baby frizz she always had on the back of her head. But because of what she did to her own hair prior to her appointment that wouldn't work.

 So we decided to go short on one side, long on the other. And because my daughter is sassy with a big ol' personality it works. It totally and completely fits her. And the lady worked some serious magic. :) 

 I don't know how she did it, as my daughter has really fine hair and she was working with a mullet cut, but she made something fabulous happen.

 And Leiella came out of that chair look years older, it made my heart ache! But also it made me super happy, because she loved it and she just looked so stinkin' adorable!

 Here she is with her twin. ;) Best friends forever! She also got a haircut and looked adorable.

All was well... and then... she strikes again! The girl used some kiddy scissors on her hair for a second time! Chopped herself some bangs. Sigh. She had told me she wanted bangs like me, but that didn't really go with her hair cut so I chose not to. Well she wasn't kidding about those bangs, so she took matters into her own hands. In her tear filled voice she told me she just wanted to look like me. Hard to be mad about that... She always knows the right things to say. And she is such a striving mini-me right now, she copies ever. single. thing. I. do. Which is annoying, humiliating, hilarious, and endearing all in one. :)

Side note, I have no idea what is on her face, but that's normal. ;)
Needless to say all scissors are on lock down until further notice. 
I've since been told that super short bangs are in style right now, so I guess my girl is more "in the know" then me... Ha! And she rocks it, because she's awesome like that. :)

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Kat said...

Oh, but she looks adorable! I love the cut. What an amazing hair stylist you took her too. I just took Grace to get her hair cut (normally I cut it myself but her bangs were giving me trouble) and the lady did an awful job. I ended up trying to fix it. Made me so mad.

And the "new" bangs are cute too. Little stinker.

Grace copies everything I do too, and it makes me really hyper sensitive to everything I do. Makes me nervous. ;)