Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our favorite picture spot...

We went to the same park we go to every year in late spring to take pictures of my kids on a certain rock and then of course play and explore. But some one else was on the rock at the time so we wandered off and I ended up finding this really awesome stump to take pictures on. 

I love all their different expressions. 

My boys are growing their hair out for locks of love, and wow is it getting long!

I love this picture, mostly because Leiella looks like such a baby because of the face she is making. Love it!

Another favorite...
 On our way back to the suburban I noticed that the rock was free, so I hurried them over there. Had to get that shot!
Unfortunately after a day of play and pictures, they weren't in the mood for more pictures, and you can tell. Ha ha! 
Love this spot, and these kids! :)

I eventually got them to smile by promising to be done if they all smiled nicely for the camera, ha! I then got some pictures with at least a few faces smiling at once, but not all at the same time. Oh well. :)

This one cracks me up, I caught Banden in mid yawn, ha ha! They were so, so done. But Leiella finished with a big ol' smile. 
So happy to see sunshine again, it's finally starting to feel a bit like summer around here. :) Makes this girl very, very, very, happy.

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Kat said...

I LOVE that tree stump. How cool is that?
But the background on the rock is amazing. I love all the pics. :)