Monday, June 24, 2013

Kitchen remodel.... just the beginning. :)

So yesterday I decided that I wanted to open the kitchen up a bit. It feels so cramped, so I thought why not open up one of the walls so that the kitchen flowed a bit more. I brought it up to my husband, thinking it would be one more thing on the "to do" list. He said "what you want to do that now?" So I said sure, sort of thinking he was joking. He went out and got me a hammer and said, "Go for it" So funny. {He showed me how to do it safely.} We were excited to find that there weren't any electrical wires that needed to be rewired, it was all easy-peasy. :)

And the demo begins!!! One of the many reasons I adore my husband, he help me with all my creative and crazy ideas. :)

Sorry for the sideways pictures, I got a new camera {finally} but it doesn't automatically rotate the pictures like my other one did, and I can't figure it out on the computer. Sigh.

I love Leiella's reaction in this one. It was all so very exciting! :)

I might have squealed and jumped for joy...

The opening is going to be a bit bigger then this, it's just the beginning of what is going to be something very awesome. :) I've got all sorts of plans for my kitchen that I've been mulling over for the last 5 years. :)
So little by little is my plan right now. One big kitchen overhaul hasn't happened {I mean come on I've been waiting five years, it's just not going to happen} so now I'm going to try and break it down into manageable {and affordable} pieces. First this new opening up of the kitchen, then new additional cabinets to go under new countertops {new countertops for the whole kitchen} and new pantry shelves/doors. Possibly a new kitchen window. Then I'm moving onto a slider in the dinning room so that I can tie in an outdoor living space on the deck with the indoors. And so that I no longer have to have my guest walk through my laundry room, that also happens to be the drop zone, {if you have kids, and you are normal, then you know what I mean ;) Ha ha!} to get outside. I'm hoping now that Ryder will feel motivated, as well as have enough free time, to finish up this hole in the wall! He has been working crazy long hours, and has a five hour commute right now, so when he finally gets home  he's beyond tired. But we have been talking about fixing up the kitchen since the day we moved in, and I am telling you I am focused now, and no matter if I have to turn into the annoying wife for a while, it will get done, slowly but surely. :)


Kat said...

That is so exciting! I love remodels! I can't wait to see all the pics of the progress!

And a FIVE hour commute??? Holy moly!

Riahli said...

Yes it's insane, he leave around 4:15 am and doesn't get home until around 7:30 pm. 2 1/2 hours there, 2 1/2 hours back and includes a ferry ride and lots of traffic. Poor guy. 10 hour work days. Then he works a side job for one of the days on the weekend. Such a hard working man...