Monday, January 16, 2012

The distance makes it a little less scary...

And once again January 16th has rolled around as it will every year and I am overcome with the emotions of that day, and the days that followed... because two years ago today Atty had his first seizure... But this time around, although I have shed a few tears rereading my posts and remembering, I also feel so thankful! And relieved. And at peace with were we are. I can hardly believe we are two years in already though. In May of this year he will be on his diet for the full two years and ready to wean off! What a hill is seemed at the time {his diet}, a mountain really. Steep and slippery it appeared and I feared failure, it felt like a heavy burden on my shoulders ready to drag me down as I tried to climb. I was scared to even take the first step. But I did, we did, and we are now headed down the other side with the breeze in our hair, taking in the view!!! Wow what a ride! I am so very proud of my son and how far he has come. Even though this day, every year, will be emotional for me... It's just not so scary any more. :)


Kat said...

WOW. I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS ALREADY. That is just amazing. How far you all have come in this journey. And I am convinced that you saved that boy's life. Convinced. Without you researching and trying and working so hard he would not be where he is today.
Congratulations!!!!! :)

Rebecca said...

Hiya Riahli! Just popping over to say a huge thank you for your comment on my blog about my sinus infection and the treatments thereof.

What a wealth of knowledge you are! Thank you for the book recommendations too--they are on my library loan list and I am awaiting their arrival. One thing I am passionate about (and becoming moreso) is herbal, homeopathic, preventative health care. Doctors are fabulous. Amazing. Wonderful. For some things. But I can't help but think we run to them too often.

But I am still a wee little baby when it comes to actually the KNOWING so I am on a quest this year to become more well informed.

Thanks for your input.

And I love all the family photos around your blog. What a gorgeous family! Atty has the greatest hair-EVER. Spike has the most amazing eyes! Bubu just looks SWEET and I remember when your BIG GIRL was just a wee little strawberry! My how time flies!