Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These are some of my favorite things...

So I asked the kids about their favorite things and got some interesting and amusing answers. I would love to try and remember to ask them these questions every year to watch the changes... but knowing me I'll probably forget. :( I will record these ones with the tentative hope that I will remember to do it again...

Bubu, 6yrs-

  • Color- light blue

  • Shape- heart

  • Emotion- happy

  • Friend- Charleigh M.

  • Animal- zebra

  • Comfort food- peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

  • Vegetable- Broccoli

  • Fruit- Watermelon {of course!}

  • Thing to do- play with dinosaurs

  • Book- Dr. Seuss books

  • Subject in school- history

  • Holiday- St. Patty's day

  • Treat- marshmallows {the big ones}

  • Season- summer

  • Exercise- lifting weights

  • Movie- Cat in the Hat, series not movie...

  • Day of the week- Tuesday

  • Month- December

  • Song- We Wish You a Merry Christmas

  • Toy- dinosaurs

  • Stuffed animal- big froggy

Atty, 4 yrs (5 in three weeks!}-

  • Color- blue

  • Shape- heart

  • Emotion- silly {haha!}

  • Friend- brother Evan {so sweet!!!}

  • Animal- Birds

  • Comfort food- Muffins {home made, almond flour}

  • Vegetable- green peas

  • Fruit- orange

  • Thing to do- play with birds

  • Book- bird books

  • Subject in school- learning colors

  • Holiday- 4th of July

  • Treat- heart treats {home made freezer candies}

  • Season- Spring

  • Exercises- Jumping on the trampoline

  • Movie- Nemo

  • Day of the week- Sunday

  • Month- December

  • Song- Jingle Bells

  • Toy- A spinning thing

  • Stuffed animal- parrot

Spike, 4 yrs-

  • Color- Black

  • Shape- Star

  • Emotion- Scared {really?}

  • Friend- cousin Hunter

  • Animal- bear

  • Comfort food- hot dogs {haha!}

  • Vegetable- carrots

  • Fruit- blackberries

  • Thing to do- play hide and seek outside

  • Book- There's No Place Like Space by Tish Rade {He went and got the book so I would know exactly what he was talking about...}

  • Subject in school- reading {he started this week!}

  • Holiday- Easter

  • Treat- ice cream {of course!}

  • Season- Summer

  • Exercise- riding bike

  • Movie- Rescue Heroes

  • Day of the week- Sunday

  • Month- April

  • Song- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive, etc... {I don't know the name of that song.}

  • Toy- little white sports car

  • Stuffed animal- gray elephant

Lala, 2 yrs {she did surprisingly well answering these, I gave her some options for some of the questions, but for the most part she answered on her own with no help...}-

  • Color- red

  • Shape- square

  • Emotion- sad {she does fake sad a lot, haha!}

  • Friend- Asher B.

  • Animal- pig

  • Comfort food- crackers {so true, this girl loves her graham crackers, haha!}

  • Vegetable- green peas

  • Fruit- watermelon

  • Thing to do- play with kitchen set {I was surprised when she answered this on her own with no ideas from me!}

  • Book- Ladybug Girl {a new favorite of hers...}

  • Subject in school- learning colors {She's not really in school exactly, but she learns right along with her brothers.}

  • Holiday- Valentines day

  • Treat- marshmallows

  • Season- Winter

  • Exercise- dancing

  • Movie- Nemo

  • Day of the week- Sunday

  • Month- March

  • Song- Jingle Bells, with a yeehaw and the end... :)

  • Toy- doll house

  • Stuffed animal- dog

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