Thursday, July 7, 2011

Projects, good food and fireworks, what a day!

Happy Fourth!!! {yes, yes I know it's way past by now, but all the same}.We had a wonderful day. Spent working on projects together, then a yummy dinner out on the back deck, followed by a pretty cool fireworks show viewed at a local park.

This girl is such a daddy's girl. If it looks like she is glued to him in every picture it's because she is!

My adorable little flower children.

Can you tell daisies are an all time favorite of mine? I let the wild ones grow in my garden, I figure a plant is only a weed if you don't like them. Since I love the wild daisies that grow around here I openly invite them into my garden. :) I think it's a horrible shame they are considered weeds. They do have a tendency to take over if you let them, but you don't have to.

My littlest boy, such a sweet heart he is. Lately he always wants to hold my hand, hug or kiss me, tell me he loves me, pick flowers for me, tell me I'm beautiful, etc... It's really so adorable.

Snuggling daddy and waiting for the show to start. {which took forever!}

Actually sitting still for a picture, and not making a silly face for once, wow! Rare indeed.

Fire works! Lala was super quiet the whole time, but she didn't freak out so that's good. Atty still said he was scared but this was the first year he wasn't sitting on someones lap clinging on for dear life. Plus I think he actually did enjoy it. Growing up.

See all smiles. We had a blast, and even got out of there with out a problem. Sometimes you get stuck in some serious traffic, yuck.

When we got home our new crazy {and I mean seriously crazy party animals} neighbors down at the end of the block were lighting off some really big fireworks. J said they had been at it since it first got dark. {and they kept at it until midnight!} While the hubby and I were getting the other sleeping kids out of the car Bubu went in and grabbed a blanket and settled down on the sidewalk to watch. It was so cute that I just had to let him stay out there with me for a while longer. Even though it was really, really late at that point. He was wide awake and so excited. It was nice to have a moment with him and then a bonus moment when J decided to join us. He didn't go to the fireworks show, so it was nice to get to watch some fireworks with him after all.

Okay so now I am pretty much caught up and I really need to remember to never let it get that bad again! I am really trying to pack a lot of exploring into this summer and a ton of yard projects as well but I will need to make time to post now and again before I let weeks get away from me!

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Kat said...

I just love the 4th of July. One of my favorites. And it looks like you all had a great one! :)