Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A day well spent

Wow do I have some catching up to do, one post is not going to be enough. I have all kinds of excuses for my absence but I won't bother going in to them. You're welcome.{I find it nearly impossible to get good group pictures of these kids lately, drives me crazy!}

So for starters, J is here!!! He's camera shy so I count myself lucky if I happen to get a picture or two of him. To start his visit out right, and to celebrate Fathers day {yes I'm going back that far} we went to an awesome park, it's a favorite of ours. We spent the day enjoying the beach, hiking and having a picnic.

Daddy picked his girl a rose. So sweet, she hung onto that thing for a long time... before she ripped it into little pieces.
And yes my hubby is carrying her in a sling, he's awesome like that. :)

Got my yearly rock picture. I will have to find the other ones that I have taken over the years to compare. These kids of mine are growing up way too fast! The more I try to slow things down the faster they seem to go.

Had to get a picture of us together on my man's day. He is such a wonderful daddy! Makes me so happy to know that my kids have such a great example in their father. Some one they can look up to and admire.

Beautiful and full of spunk.

And wait what is this... a picture with J in it!?! Well count my lucky stars. :) I had an unfair advantage, he was trapped after all between two little kids. Isn't he getting so tall and handsome! We are excited to get to spend some time with him, more adventures to come!

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Kat said...

Okay, you said it is getting hard to take good shots of all of your kids together but that rock shot is AWESOME!!! Perfect!
And that last shot just melts my heart. Two men holding lil kids' hands. AWWWWWWW. :)