Thursday, May 6, 2010

You are...

growing like crazy! You are sitting up on your own. Rolling everywhere. Your smile melts me, and everyone around you. You have the boys in the family wrapped around your little pudgy pinkie...(daddy says it's the other way around, that you actually have me WAY more bamboozled, and he might be right.)
You are saying da da da all day long and a few other sounds, none of them sound like ma ma yet though...little stinker. You are such a determined child. So curious and fascinated by the world around you.

You are always sticking out your tongue. Always. And making funny little noises too. You just figured out how to blow raspberries and it's oh so cute. You love kisses and are giving hugs. You like to grab the spoon and feed yourself when mommy gives you num nums. You are sure that you want to EAT EVERYTHING and get mad when mommy won't let you. You still don't have any teeth! But you've been drooling like crazy for months now.
You are a mommy's girl right now, and although I get tired of carrying you some times, I'm not complaining (too much). You have been pretending like you are shy lately, ducking your face down and hiding it in mommy's shoulder when people talk to you. You have so many expressions and each one is more adorable the the last.
You get upset when mommy takes too many pictures. Or when mommy thinks your mad face is cute and laughs. You light up our lives in so many ways and we can't wait to see what else you bring and watch you as you grow, each and every day.


Lisa said...

She is SOOOOO darn cute! Oh man, I wish I could just hold her and squish her!! precious, precious!!!

Marlea said...

Oh my gosh! She is sooooo beautiful!!! I LOVE the one of her with her tongue out!!!

Brittany said...

I want to just chew on those cheeks! She is BEAUTIFUL! oh my goodness! How presh!

Kat said...

Oh what a DOLL!!! She is so cute.
Grace just started sticking her tongue out a lot lately too. So funny! :)