Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mothers day memory

I had such a wonderful Mothers day. I am so thankful. Our house is full of love.The boys made me a super yummy breakfast while I took a bath, read a book and drank some yummy coffee. Beautiful way to start the day!
I watched my daughter and my husband from across the table and fell in love all over again.

I giggled at Spike. He's either gazing lovingly at me or plotting his next move, I'll pretend it's the first and not the latter.
Strawberry supervised the boys while they worked on the front yard project with me.

They helped for hours! We all had a lot of fun.
One of my favorite things is working together as a family on projects and I love that they are such eager hardworkers.

Got a corner of the yard done. Starting to look better now. Little by little.

The view out my front door is going to be awesome! My boys worked so hard for me.

After all that work we were hungry for the dinner hubby was making. My heart was full to overflowing looking at all my children at the table together. They are truly amazing wonderful little beings. I feel so blessed to be their mommy.

After stories and before bed the boys surprised me with a gift. A fairy for the garden. They were so excited to give me a gift, it was heart warming to see their pleased little faces. This was the most wonderful Mothers day ever and it was made that way because we all had such a beautiful day together. Just being together, helping each other, caring for one another, making memories.


Kat said...

Awww. You are making me cry. So sweet. So loving.

That shot at the dinner table is so awesome. I love the way the sunlight is coming in. Just so pretty

Brittany said...

What a beautiful day! Your family is just adorable! Love it!

A Musing Mother said...

What? Nothing from the dollar store?

You do not know what you are missing.