Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mister Man

Family comedianThat's Spike
On those days when he's just driving me crazy as only Spike can, he can usually find some way to still make me giggle. The things that he says and does often have his daddy and I shaking our heads and trying to hide a smile. I say trying to hide a smile because it's often at times when we shouldn't be laughing about it. Of course there are lots of times when we can and should laugh out loud. At our silly youngest son. Our mischievous one. Smart, sassy, brazen, wild, sensitive, loving, adventurous, trouble maker. A trouble maker that still makes you smile at the things he comes up with to annoy his brothers. Smile into your elbow that is. I love his little kisses, arms wrapped around my neck. His laugh. His walk. His silly faces. His smart remarks. His devotion to his brothers, his love for his little sister. I love seeing his personality develop as the years pass by. He's the one that has me lying in bed at night wondering if I'm doing right by him. He has such a complex personality it's hard to figure out what works best for him. I'm often asking myself, what will help him develop into the capable compassionate young man I know he can be? There have been so many late night discussions about him with my husband, and every time I think I've screwed up royal with him we turn a corner and he surprises me again with all that he can be. He keeps me on my toes, my littlest boy...on the days where he seems to cause nothing but trouble I remind myself...he keeps life interesting. Never a dull moment with my spirited, quirky, unique, mister man.

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