Friday, May 21, 2010

~a treasure~

My Grandma passed away in February. My mom had wanted us to get a picture taken of the four generations of girls before my Grandma passed away. The day we were going to do the picture was the Saturday we spent in the hospital after Atty's first seizure. The picture never happened and she passed aways soon after. I will always regret not getting that picture and the sad fact that she never even met my daughter.
My mom just brought over a dress she found in my Grandma's closet. We don't really know why it was there or who it was for, but it seems as if it was made just for my little Strawberry. I know my Grandma would have thought she was beautiful. Because my Strawberry is so juicy I know she won't fit it for long, so I dressed her up and took some adorable pictures of her in this treasure of a dress. Now when I look at these pictures, even though my Grandma isn't in them, I think of her. *
I can't help but think that the dress truly was just meant for my girl.


A Musing Mother said...

Is it weird that I love her so much I ache?

Riahli said...

No it would be weird if you didn't. ;)

Kat said...

That dress is beautiful! It almost looks like a Chirstining gown or a Baptismal gown or something. Gorgeous!
I bet your grandma is looking down on your pretty girl, smiling. :)