Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What does cotton come from?

Last night my hubby was reading stories to the boys before bed.
I was hanging out in there playing with the baby girl.
Hubby is reading a short book about animals. He's talking about the animals and expanding on the book some. He gets to a page about sheep. He reads it. Then he says, "cotton comes from sheep" in all seriousness. Huh? Where as Bubu replies "Yeah" earnestly. Pause. Hubby suddenly realizing what he just said as I start to giggle and says "What am I saying cotton doesn't come from sheep!?!" Meanwhile I am choking on my laughter. Then he follows it up with a "Bet you guys can't wait to be home schooled"...Which is were I bust up and almost pee myself.
To his credit he was super tired...makes for some fun story time, for me.
I'm still giggling this morning.
Don't ask my son what cotton comes from anytime soon.


Brittany said...

The awful part of this story, is that for a good minute.. I was like What? Whats so funny.. cotton DOES come from sheep.. and then I went.. OHHH GAWD! LOL sheep-wool! oops! :) lmao!

Riahli said...

OMGoodness Brittany you got me giggling all over again... :)

Lisa said...

Okay, um, fess up time....me too, I got caught on that one! Too funny!

mommytoalot said...

LOl..i too got caught up in it too..wool..
easy mistake..funny though.

Riahli said...

I think my husband might be happy to hear that he's not the only one, ha, ha!! :)