Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wonderful little creatures

I love these boys.Look at them helping their mommy. They are all wearing helmets in solidarity. Atty has to wear one right now because of the drop attacks and the helmet that I ordered for him has yet to arrive. So he has been wearing a bike helmet and his brothers wear one right along with him. They don't really fully understand how awesome their support is yet but I do and it warms my heart. They are really becoming so caring with him and much more understanding. I knew they would in time. I took them all to the store to pick up Atty's prescription for the first time since the seizures started. I had been avoiding going places with all of them mostly just because other people get a little freaked out when Atty has seizures or the drop attacks or the tonic spasms. Probably because it's unexpected and out of the ordinary. I get sort of embarrassed having people stare at us when one of those things happens. And it's stressful trying to keep tabs on the other two while dealing with Atty. The whole thing has me a little over whelmed but I knew I just needed to jump in with both feet and get over it. And you know what? It all worked out beautifully. Team work the whole way. We even went to get fruit smoothies with a gift card someone gave me and the boys were so excited to have such an awesome unexpected treat. I was really proud of them and what they are becoming. It is so neat to watch them grow and become such caring, understanding, compassionate boys. Atty did not have any seizures or anything so I have yet to deal with that in a crowded place, but I feel more confidant every time we venture out together. I'm sure I was a sight with a baby on the back in her backpack carrier and a boy in my arms and two more in tow...but when they are so well behaved I don't care about the stares because all I feel is great love for my wonderful little creatures...I mean children.


Kat said...

You know why they are so awesome? Because you are such an awesome mom. Seriously. They learn it all from you.
What little dear hearts. I love that they wear helmets too. That is just the sweetest!!!!!

Glad the outting went so well. You are brave! Great job!

Life by the Handful said...

Love this story...hope you have many more great outings!