Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pinch patrol

Happy Patty's day to you! Every year for Patty's day we make a Leprechaun welcoming box in hopes that the wee little Leprechaun's will leave use some gold (candy) coins.

We work together to make it all pretty for the Leprechauns to give them a place to rest when they are out and about looking for the little kids who still believe in them. They are just itching to give away some gold to sweet and caring little boys and girls.

And of course we leave them "rainbow candy" because everyone know how much Leprechauns love rainbow candy. We decorate the inside of the welcoming box and make a little bed for them to rest case they are tired. Every year the kids try to figure out a way to trap a Leprechaun too, but so far they out fox us every time. Those tricky little Leprechauns.

Every year the kids pick the best place to put the box. This year it was a cubby hole. Which then needed a ladder in order for the little Leprechauns to get to it. So Bubu decided that we should make one out of sticks. We used clothes pins and string and fashioned a "ladder" together. Before they went to bed they put the ladder up. Now we are waiting until their daycare friend gets her and then we will see if the Leprechauns visited us again last night in hopes that they left use some gold coins! And maybe, just maybe we caught us a Leprechaun!! ;)

You better be wearing some green!


Brittany said...

This is so creative! I am doing this next year! Love the pinch patrol t'! :) TOO CUTE!

mommytoalot said...

What a fun idea. We had our March break..last week..this is something my kids would love to do.