Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wow what a day!

Atty's Happy Day! So handsome...and beautiful. Headed to the courthouse. We shouted "Atty's Happy Day" all the way in, Atty was so cute, he'd laugh almost every time he said it. We were all super excited.

Ha, ha look at Spike...who does he remind you of?

Atty and Daddy. I really love this picture, my hubby had to entertain Atty away from the crowds while we were waiting because he was getting overwhelmed. He has a really hard time with crowds and loud noises.

Their favorite girl in the world..well besides their mother. ;)

More Atty and Daddy.

Atty and I waiting in the hallway. Doesn't he have the nicest smile.
Bubu just loves his Uncle B...they were having a serious conversation.

Ira decided it was time for a cat nap, silly boy.

Auntie L and my mom waiting in the hallway. The caseworker is in the back talking to Bubu, she was so sweet, such a nice lady.
My dearest friend and her newest baby girl, hubby and the boys sitting with their favorite girl. Getting to the courthouse on time and with all these little kids, priceless.

A picture with all of us and the judge (who happened to have the same name as Spike). There was NO way of getting a picture of everyone looking at the camera, so I just went with the one were Atty was actually (sort of) looking...that was not easy.

We went to a park afterwards to have a picnic and celebrate. I was so excited that my baby sister got to take her lunch break with us at the park! Isn't she a doll! I waited 10 years for a sister, she's my baby girl, no matter how old she gets.
Atty decided this tree needed to be climbed.

I made a bunch of posters of Atty over the last 2 1/2 years and put them up around this tree, the kids loved looking at them, it was really cute listening to the things they were saying.

Checking out the pictures.

A picture of me and my lifeline, this girl has been there for me through so much, I can't even imagine my life with out her. She is amazing. She was there the day Atty was placed with us, and she made sure she was there the day he became a permanent part of our family. Even though she has a six week old baby and a four year old daughter, had to drive for an hour and a half with a screaming baby and leave her house at the crack of dawn, and do it all on her own. She even brought food for the picnic. Seriously she's amazing.
It was a wonderful, exciting, emotional day. It was weird though how fast the actually adoption went, it took all of about 10 minutes in the judges chambers, a few questions and then he was signing the papers and all was done. After so much paperwork, interviews, caseworkers every months and on and on and on is seemed strange to have it all over and done with so fast. It was like the day he came to our home. Two caseworkers came, looked over the house, asked a few questions and left in less then an hour and there I was standing in my living room with a six day old baby in my arms. Surreal. I am glad I got to experience this though no matter how stressful it has been, and we can't imagine our lives with out him now, he makes our family complete. So there will be four, which to me seems like the perfect number of kids for our family. Couldn't have planned it better myself. It never stops to amaze me that God always has a better plan than me, I don't even know why I bother to continue to be a plans are so juvenile in comparison to his. He sees the bigger picture, and what a beautiful picture it is.
Oh and we finished the day off with an ultrasound, check out my last post...we are super excited around here!


Mama said...

Congratulations! What a memorable day for your whole family.
I dont think I have seen a picture of B since....well he was like 8! WHat a cutie!

Kat said...

Yay!!!! Congratulations! :)