Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our little strawberry

My little strawberry
I can't wait to meet you!
Starting to plan the celebration of new life, this babies shower.
Planning a get together on a budget is always a challenge but I also find it kind of fun. I guess I like a good challenge. Must be why after going so long with no kids, I now have so many so close in age and run a daycare to boot! Anyway I am doing a strawberry theme, red has been in my head for this baby, almost all the clothes I look at or purchase for this baby have some red... strawberries, cherries, ladybugs, red strips, red polk-a-dots, plain red...maybe a little pink or green, but mostly red. I didn't do this with my other two pregnancies. My friend, the one who is always helping me with everything, is coming over tomorrow and we are going to try and whip out some handmade invites. It's last minute and like I said on a budget so we'll just have to get super creative, which I hope I have in me at this point. I'm pretty tired, not sleeping well at night with the combination of Atty's non stop night waking, heartburn so bad it makes me cough, peeing every two hours all night long, being too hot, having a hard time even falling asleep in the first place, oh I could go on and on.
So I am planning the food around strawberries, going to have red and pink decorations with a little green, the invites are going to have a picture of a strawberry on them, what else... anyone have any good ideas on other ways to incorporate strawberries into the party theme? I'm also encouraging guest to reuse, reduce, recycle by suggesting that any clothing or blankets (being as this is my third I really don't need anything else) they bring for the baby be gently loved (hand me downs, thrift, garage sale, etc...) as well as encouraging them to either not wrap the gift or reuse wrapping items. If they bring a gift at all which is not necessary, although I didn't suggest this like I usually do because I already know that all of my girlfriend are itching to get me something girly for this newest one. They all know I don't really like pink or purple (I'm not much of a girly girl) so that's probably all I will get. Ha ha! I am also going to wrap the game prizes in little brown paper bags that I already have, tie them with all natural garden twin add a little pink tag with a red strawberry or cherry on it and some sort of cute quote. The gift itself will be all natural in nature like soy candles or Burt's Bees products, maybe some nice natural handmade soaps, I have a few different ideas. I want to combine the strawberry theme with a "going green" baby shower. Want it to be girly as well as environmentally friendly. We try to live this way, so I wanted my baby shower to reflect that too.
I'm a bit consumed by planning the baby shower, (yes I plan my own, I think by now you might be able to tell I am a bit of a control freak! Actually I just feel really uncomfortable having other people do my work for me, or something like that.) thinking about baby girl, planning for the home birth, getting the cloth diapers in order, finding a cheap dresser so I can start folding and putting away the clothes that are sitting in bags, decluttering, and on and on and on. Mostly I'm just thinking about it and writing lists because like I said, I'm awfully tired!
If you guys have any great (cheap, or should I say homemade with items likely to be found lying around the house...) shower ideas send them my way!


Lisa said...

Sounds so cute! Would you be willing to send me your mailing address? I would love to send you and little Strawberry a shower gift! When is the shower? What I have in mind wouldn't be able to make it right off. What is your due date again? If I think of any good ideas, I'll make sure and let you know!

Kat said...

Planning a shower! How fun! And for a girlie!!!!!! YAY!!!!! :)

Mama said...

Wow you really are into full blown planning mode!!!
I will see if I can think of craftieness is not on today!
I am going to go out and find the most frilly, lacy, pink and purple thing I can find.....
I dont like Purple either....

MGM said...

I used Wonderoos cloth pocket diapers for my babies, and they were great! What kind of cloth do you use?

Congrats on the girl! I think I missed any posts that shared this news! Boy are you in for it!

Wish I'd have looked that great at 6 months of pregnancy! I don't think you look "big" at all!

Melody said...

Yay!! Wow, your idea for the baby shower sounds awesome! Let me know if you need help with anything :) I can't think of any ideas right now... I'll let you know if I do. Hopefully handmade clothes are OK with you? Not gently loved, but better than brand new from the store, right? I figure since I'm never going to have a baby girl, I'll have to get out my itch to make baby girl clothes, using someone else's baby ;)