Monday, July 27, 2009

A little conversation...

...with my wise and protective first born son.

Watching me make tea at the stove with hot boiling water.

(Just so you know I've burnt myself many times cooking in the kitchen...I get going a little to fast and before I know it I've done it again. I just recently got a super bad burn on my finger that had the whole family a bit grossed out.)

Bubu- "Careful, don't burn yourself Riah."

Me- "That's right Bubu I'll be careful, Safety first."

Bubu- "Yeah"


Bubu- "You're pretty brave Riah."

Me- "Thank you sweetheart."


Bubu- "I want you to be safe and brave," hand gesturing back and forth, "safe...and brave" he emphasized.

Me- "Yes that's a smart combination huh, you're right, safe and brave."

Bubu- Looking right at me with a serious expression "Yes safe and brave."

Oh my sweetest, you are so wise. Always the loving son, how did I end up with such a wondrous you?


Mama said...

you have been blessed with a little guardian angel! Listen to that boy!

Brittany said...

How cute :) Little boys say the sweetest things!

Lisa said...

Oh! I canNOT wait for Little Man to have conversations with me! Not to rush his babyhood, but I love the little things they love to talk about at Bubu's age! Yesterday LM was trying to play with a battery-operated toy at the doctor's office, and it wasn't working. He put his hands in the air, puzzled, and turned to me and said, "work??" I didn't know he could say that, let alone use it like he was supposed to! How are you feeling? How's the Lil' Strawberry?! I can't wait to hear all about your shower, and see the things you get! You gotta post lots of pics! Enjoy your day on the other side of the country! Maybe you're still sleeping...shhh....