Monday, July 29, 2013

Tidbits and backyard camping.

I'm about to turn 35 and I just now bought myself my first real pair of high heels. I bought a pair of high heeled boots last year, I'm on a roll! Ha ha! Anyways I have absolutely no idea when or where I will ever wear them, but I couldn't resist. I wore them around the house for an hour or so to get use to them and I've got to say I don't know how some women wear these things all day! Yikes!!! On the same shopping trip I found a cute simple black dress, something I've been wanting and looking for for years now. I was a happy girl. :) Every one needs a cute little black dress. The fact that I found them both at a thrift store for hardly anything made me even happier. ;) I can not stand to spend a lot of money on clothes/shoes, it makes me feel awful! Finding a good deal, and being part of the reduce, reuse, recycle circle puts a smile on my face. :)

Now for a few current garden photos... :)
 Love the vibrant blue!

 These are popping open here and there in the garden, I adore them.


I was thinking the other day it would be fun to do some hair wraps. My friends and I did some when we were kids, but it has obviously been a while... so I looked up how to do them on you tube. Because you can find anything on there. :) 
 Leiella sporting her hair wrap.

 Ha ha, silly you, you thought I was done posting garden pics... ;) 

 Love this combo...

 Asin pears, can't wait!

 "Take a picture of me in front of these flowers mom." 
Why of course! :)
Which started a whole slew of picture taking of all the kids in front of said flowers.

 It's this face, or a big giant cheesy smile... there is no in between right now. :)


 Atty's hair wraps. :)

 This boy is almost eight, yikes! He has a hair wrap too, didn't get a good picture of it I guess.

 I love this picture of them all huddled down and looking at something together, a bug I'm sure. :)

 This boy is a serious monkey! After showing me that he could climb all the way to the top, and inspiring his brothers to try the same... He then asked me what else he could climb up. Good Grief! 

 We had a back yard camp out with some friends this last weekend, and they brought their little dog. Which explains why our cat Rio felt that the playhouse roof was the best spot for him. :)

 Wearing Neenee's hat. :) Most of the feathers in her hat were put there by Atty over the years. He loves finding a good feather for her hat. :) And she's a good sport and wears it feathers and all.

Our cosy tent. :) Water to splash in right out side the front door, doesn't get much better then that. ;) We even had a camp fire, roasted hot dogs and later on even some marshmallows. :)
The kids had a blast, the grown ups {my friend and I} not so much. We maybe got 4 hours of sleep. We didn't lay down until late, that was our first mistake. Then between the sounds of the trains on the hill running by all night long, and honking their horns at every crossing... Uggg! To the sounds of coyotes howling, to my friends kid having bad dreams and growing pains all night long.  An of course I also had to pee over and over again because I have the worlds worse bladder. Then my kids woke up early with the sunshine, like they always do. Sigh. I told my friend that IF I'm ever brave enough to do that again, I will run a fan for the white noise just because I can. :) Something I do at night normally, which is why I was unaware of how noisy that blasted train is, and how much more it runs at night, good grief!

 Yesterday I did a ton of pruning in the front yard garden. Because it's been so dry around here the daisies dried out way faster then they usually do. So I did some really harsh pruning. Atty decided he wanted to pick out the good daisies in my compost pile, so I let him. He gathered up quite a few, then on his own {while I was still working in the garden} he got down a huge vase from on top of the fridge {!}, filled it with water, carried it across the tile floor {!}, set it down on the table and filled it with the flowers that he saved. Which was cute, but we had a little talk about getting help next time since it is glass... {and he is totally accident prone!!!!}
Anyways, we are off to yet another Vacation Bible School, this time it's at our neighbors house. Fun times! 

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Kat said...

I love those shoes! So cute!!!!
I was never a shoe girl until maybe ten years ago. I still don't have that many shoes (and I can't bring myself to buy expensive shoes) but I sure do like them. :)

Your flowers are GORGEOUS! Love them!

We love camping out in the backyard too. But you are right. There is never much sleep. ;)