Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garden is bursting. :)

More garden pictures, just because. :) I'm always amazed at how fast a garden can grow!

Veggie garden bursting forth with amazing goodness!
I'm amazed that anything grew quite frankly, my big fat chickens got into it a few times in the very beginning and tore it up! I had to replant more times then I care to remember. Tears were shed. I was about to eat chicken soup!!!
I'm growing some squash in containers this year, because I ran out of room. We will see how that works. :) The containers are moved onto the walkway in this picture because I'm working on the other side of the path. I've decided to just keep the gravel on that side and grow things in containers over there. I would love to get some big wooden barrels for that side, but they aren't cheap so we will see if I can swing that. Now begins the tedious back breaking task of smoothing/moving gravel once again. Yuck.
Decided to grow my tomatoes in containers this year. All will go well if I can remember to water them consistently. :) I haven't grown tomatoes in containers since the time that baby Atty and baby Ira ripped to pieces every single tomato plant I had on the deck the first year we were here. I think {hope} it's safe now. ;)
This blue makes my heart happy...
Pretty pink as well...
And even some purple. :)
My favorite flower, the simple beauty speaks to me. :)
Bursting... :)

Black currents are ripening! :)
I've mentioned this before, but this is by far my favorite rose. I believe it's called a peace rose and the smell in phenomenal! Every one should have one. :)
Like a star in the sky. 

We have yet to have a humming bird visit this feeder! They come to my flowers all the time, but the feeder  they snub. I guess why get the fake stuff if you can have the real thing right!?!
And a cute cat picture just because. 

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Kat said...

Such a beautiful garden! The hydrangeas and lilies are GORGEOUS! Love it! :)